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Care Tips

Tree and Shrub Care Through the Seasons

Early Spring

  • Complete planting of bare-rooted trees
  • Cut out flower shoots of winter-flowering shrubs
  • Cut back last year's stems of shrubs grown for winter color almost to ground level


  • Prune hardy shrubs which flower on current season's growth to two or three buds from base
  • Prune early-flowering shrubs, such as forsythia, as the flowers fade

Late Spring

  • Plant shrubs that are tender when young
  • Remove suckers, shoots rising from ground level, directly from the roots
  • Keep newly-planted trees and shrubs moist at the roots during dry periods. Spray foliage with water from time to time
  • When the soil is moist, spread mulch of bark or compost in areas where desired

Early Summer

  • Keep an eye open for insects, pests, diseases and weeds
  • Hoe frequently to keep weeds in check


  • Continue thinning out shrubs that have finished flowering, including weigela, cutting old stems down to base
  • Take semi-hardwood cutting of shrubs whose new stems are starting to get woody
  • Continue hoeing regularly to keep free from weeds

Late Summer

  • Take semi-hardwood cutting of shrubs
  • Water newly-planted trees well around their trunks - they can take several gallons a week

Early Autumn

  • Feed half-hardy shrubs to make the plants less susceptible to disease and frost damage
  • Plant conifers and other evergreens while ground is moist and still warm


  • Plant new trees and shrubs, stake plants likely to be vulnerable to strong winds

Late Autumn

  • This is the time for gathering leaves and adding them to the summer's compost pile
  • Continue to plant deciduous trees and shrubs
  • Protect tender specimens of trees and exposed conifers which are done to windburn by surrounding them with windbreak material
  • Cover winter and spring-flowering shrubs with netting to deter birds from eating the immature flower buds

Early Winter

  • Plant deciduous trees and shrubs, provided the soil is not waterlogged or frozen

  • Protect the trunks of young trees and shrubs from rabbits and squirrels with wire netting

  • Continue necessary pruning, such as thinning summer-flowering shrubs, cutting back invasive roots and overhanging branches and general shaping


  • During mild spells, prune dead or broken branches from established deciduous trees and shrubs while they are bare
  • In areas exposed to frost and chilling winds, protect early-flowering shrubs with covering which can be removed during dry spells

Late Winter

  • Complete pruning of deciduous trees and shrubs while they are still dormant

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